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Problem Solved !

No more getting up or throwing it LIT  to your buddy again

 Hand Made Toke and Zip Pipe Slide with Screens, Toke and Zip Lighter Slide with Lighter and our Stylish Toke and Zip Roach Clip Slide .

They are all attached to a magnet clasp for quick release so when its your turn just pull it off, Toke reattach, raise your hand and watch it Zip to your buddy from 15 feet away.

Toke and Zip

 Its that easy.

Its safer than throwing it LIT back and forth.

Be Smart - Be Safe & Toke and Zip



medical marijuana sharing system
Toke and Zip smoking pipe
20190614_111054 (2).jpg

All pipes and smoking accessories sold at toke and zip. com are intended for legal tobacco/smoking mixture use by adults (21 years or older) only. Any other use of such products, by minors or for use with controlled substances is prohibited by and may constitute a violation of International, Federal, State, and/or Local laws.

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